The time has arrived.

Evolution of technology in tandem with the changing landscape of the legal community have compelled those engaged in the business of converting the spoken word to text to embrace a new reality. Enterprises and institutions that once narrowly defined themselves by the method or technology employed to capture the spoken word must now answer to a higher standard – the precise needs of those who consume speech-to-text services.

These new marketplace dynamics—exacerbated by an acute shortage of stenographers—have intensified the need for a new organization:

  • To define, modernize, and lead an age-old industry;
  • To perpetuate standards across all technologies;
  • To connect forward-thinking businesses, practitioners, and educators;
  • To supply news and information, and
  • Above all else, to do all that is necessary to protect the integrity of the legal record.

That organization is the Speech to Text Institute (STTI).

STTI is a 501(c)6, non-profit organization formed by leaders from across the industry united in the belief that uncompromising quality should be a requirement for all speech-to-text enterprises and practitioners and that no single technology holds exclusivity on such quality. Indeed, it is the position of STTI’s leadership that collective service of the legal community’s record-keeping needs in today’s market requires the use of stenographers, voice writers, digital reporters, and videographers, all of this while we look to harness the capabilities of new technologies.

STTI began  its existence as a trade association, composed of businesses and enterprises engaged in the speech-to-text industry. These enterprises include court reporting firms, educational institutions, suppliers, and others from all corners that previously delineated the market—digital reporting, voice writing, and stenography.

Mission Statement

To lead the speech-to-text industry by setting standards of competence, professionalism, and service.

Vision Statement

STTI’s vision is to create a constructive path forward for the speech-to-text industry and its service to the legal community by acknowledging the merits of all technologies, working deliberately to establish standards and best practices, and building a spirit of cooperation that breeds innovation and protects the sanctity of the official record.

Core Values

  • Protection of the Official Record
  • Competence
  • Professionalism
  • Education
  • Service
  • Innovation