Embedded within the core of STTI membership is a fundamental concept: Learning.

  • Learning new approaches to acquire new business,
  • Learning how to integrate a workforce of digital, steno, and voice writing reporters,
  • Learning when, whether, and how to consider automated speech recognition,
  • Learning what legal-industry trends will impact your business this year,
  • And much more.

STTI’s educational programming explores the topics that are key to your business. Our programming is informed by exclusive STTI market research. It is led by subject-matter experts who tailor content to your specific needs. And it is delivered in formats that allow your entire team to take part – webinars, podcasts, white papers, and more.

What should you expect from STTI Education? Facts. Deeply researched content. Tackling the tough questions. Getting information directly from consumers. And never ducking the realities facing the marketplace.

Have content ideas and/or want to share your wisdom with the speech-to-text industry?

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