What is STTI’s position on the capabilities of different technologies?2019-10-17T15:41:53-04:00

No one knows exactly what the speech-to-text industry will look like in ten years but one thing is certain:  it will look entirely different than it does today including the use of stenography, new technologies and blended models.

STTI’s mission is to eliminate the “siloed” approach of the past and bring compatible speech-to-text interests together to better serve the needs of the federal and state legal communities.  STTI will provide the leadership to drive innovation with new solutions, advocate for all industry service providers and, as appropriate, document new best practices.

How will STTI engage with other associations in the speech-to-text industry?2019-10-17T15:40:37-04:00

STTI is an inclusive organization that embraces all technology solutions and professionals.

Clearly, there is need for a new approach and it’s time for all stakeholders in the industry to join forces to meet this market challenge.  Stenographers, voice writers, digital recording companies and as yet unrealized technology solutions need to join forces to meet the needs of the legal community while developing new models of providing speech-to-text services.  Importantly, each of these reporting methods when operated and monitored by professionals must deliver quality transcripts protecting the sanctity of the legal record by answering to standards of quality, accuracy and professionalism.

Only by joining forces will we be able to have the clout to take the necessary actions to meet the legal community’s speech-to-text needs.

What is STTI’s mission?2019-10-17T15:40:10-04:00

STTI is leading the transformation of the speech-to-text industry to include stenography and all methods and technologies to meet the growing demands of the legal community.  It is focused on collaboration within the entire speech-to-text industry.

What are the benefits of STTI membership?2019-10-17T15:39:18-04:00

STTI will work toward unification of the speech-to-text industry along with pursuit of long-range strategy that has as its primary goal to protect the accuracy and integrity of the legal record. As such, STTI will work with its membership to educate businesses and practitioners who work for speech-to-text businesses, circulate information related to the industry, conduct and assemble research/market intelligence, and generally to protect and advance the interests of members and the industry.

Who are the STTI members?2019-10-17T15:38:54-04:00

STTI is a non-profit organization that will be composed of businesses, enterprises, and practitioners from across the speech-to-text industry, including representation from all technologies/methods for capturing the record. STTI membership also is open to the consumers of speech-to-text services, such as judges, attorneys, court administrators, and paralegals, in order to ensure that its efforts are grounded in the needs of the legal community.

Who are the founding members of STTI?2019-10-17T15:12:50-04:00

STTI’s founding members include businesses and entities from throughout the speech-to-text industry and include firms, suppliers, and educational institutions with representation from what traditionally have been considered stenography, digital recording, and voice writing sectors.

Who is the leadership?2019-10-17T15:12:12-04:00

The founding members of the Institute, along with the inaugural Board of Directors, includes a cross-section of leaders from the speech-to-text industry and will be announced in the near future. Jim Cudahy is the Institute’s Executive Director, who previously served in multiple roles at the National Court Reporters Association, including as its Executive Director and CEO.

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