In a business defined by accuracy, a key role for the Speech to Text Institute is to deliver facts and information that is reflective of the dynamics shaping the industry. STTI will share and publish research that builds genuine understanding of the marketplace and the participants within.

Working in concert with other legal organization and/or independently, STTI delves into data, trends, perceptions, and business practices to build a 360-degree perspective of the industry. We likewise round up additional news, information, and resources to form a clearinghouse to which members have ready access.

We look to answer the most important questions on the minds of our members and that impact the industry, we go directly to the marketplace itself—attorneys, paralegals, judges, court administrators, firm owners, court reporters—to be sure we have a genuine understanding of what’s going on and why.

  • What’s the size of the market?
  • How do you overcome attorney resistance to digital technology?
  • What is the on-the-ground impact of the stenographer shortage?
  • What drives clients’ purchasing decisions?
  • What is happening to courtroom technology expenditures?

Is there research that you would like to see fielded about the speech-to-text industry?

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