Membership in the Speech to Text Institute (STTI) brings your enterprise specific, tangible benefits, and  it also makes a statement about you. That you’re a leader. That you’re looking to the future. And that you’re invested in a collective, sustained effort to instill standards for the full speech-to-text industry.

Shape the Industry

Engage with and Lead a Community that Shapes the Industry

  • Participate in defining and perpetuating standards to advance the industry and protect the legal record
  • Get profitable new ideas and expert insight on trends that continually reshape the speech-to-text industry
  • Get referral business from fellow STTI members through online forums and special events

Committees Connect STTI Activities to the Business Practice

  • STTI committees – populated with leaders and experts from across the industry – ensure that the organization is directly connected to the priorities of members and the developments and dynamics that impact the industry: Technology, Standards, Education, and Advocacy

Access to Market Intelligence

How Does STTI Equip Your Business with the Latest Market Intelligence?

  • By initiating surveys and studies to ensure members and the industry are supported with a sustained supply of reliable, relevant information
  • By assembling a clearinghouse of data, information, and resources that put context and focus around speech-to-text technologies
  • By mobilizing a comprehensive effort that explores the needs of law firms, courts, and other consumers of speech-to-text services and connecting those needs with the systems and practices employed by speech-to-text businesses

Train and Educate All Members of Your Team

  • Monthly webinars connect members with the experiences and knowledge of experts from across the legal
  • In-depth, online training courses are tailored to all functional areas of your business or enterprise
  • Education, training, and content is built around the needs of your entire team— from management-level programming to tips and tricks for practitioners

Sustained Public Relations Campaign Builds Visibility for the Industry

  • STTI’s far-reaching publicity campaign pushes for positive-impact stories on speech-to-text technology within trade and general news media aimed at consumers, lawmakers, and the public
  • STTI’s rapid-response system counters misinformation on speech-to-text technology in the media with facts, data, and first-hand accounts
  • Speaking engagements, by-lined articles, cooperative projects, and general publicity opportunities bring positive exposure for the speech-to-text industry and STTI members among key influencers

STTI News Channels Keep You Updated on What Matters Most

  • STTI’s newsletter, The Record, puts you in touch with key news, information, and content that is relevant to the speech-totext industry
  • STTI’s media monitoring system keeps you in ever-present contact with the changes in the speech-to-text landscape
  • STTI’s extensive and integrated social media presence keeps you one step ahead while building visibility for the speech-to-text industry

Enlighten Your Clients and Colleagues with STTI Resources

  • Access an exclusive (and ultimately extensive) supply of resources designed to educate clients, lawmakers, and others on the capabilities of speech-to-text technologies
  • Flyers, brochures, and videos to address key industry issues, such as:
    • Facts and statistics on the stenographer shortage
    • The merits of remote reporting applications
  • Dispelling myths about digital reporting
  • Rules and regulations for creating the legal record
  • The advantages and disadvantages of digital, voice, and steno
  • STTI resources will evolve to meet the demands of members – from marketing resources to advocacy support to content and information on emerging industry issues and trends

Connect with Industry Peers

A collaborative spirit weaves its way through the Speech to Text Institute (STTI) because, in this evolving industry, no single business or entity has all of the answers. We learn from each other. We share ideas. And together we mobilize ideas that collectively, over time, will establish and perpetuate standards that will define our industry.
While the general idea is for STTI’s community to advance an ambitious, strategic agenda that shapes best practices within an industry, the shorter-term benefit is that it brings your enterprise concepts and referrals that will have a positive impact on your business.

STTI Advocacy Protects Your Vital Interests

  • As a fact-based advocate that connects legislators and legal-system influencers with information and resources on the realities of creating the legal record
  • As an independent authority that educates consumers on speech-to-text services and of the need for crosstechnology standards that protect the legal record
  • As a consensus-builder that creates partnerships and mobilizes coalitions to bring free-market principles to the speech-to-text industry on a state, national, and international basis